I like to imagine that when primitive humans first desired to visually represent the world around themselves, the first mark that was made was a horizon line.   This notion has always intrigued me, and I often consider how it might impact the intuitive way an artist constructs or thinks about paintings.

My current work is a manifestation of fields, horizon lines, objects, and spaces from the natural world around me.  They are studies and reflections on what has been explored in paintings made before mine.  The depth of the work is in composing spaces that are reflections of interesting elements in landscapes, interiors and artifacts in my environment – both natural and man-made.  I am interested in creating a painting through which the viewer can navigate, while also suggesting colors and shapes that allude to the spaces and landscapes in which we live.

I am also deeply interested in the history and the process of painting as a part of the meaning and concept of my work.  The contrast between contemporary life and a medium that connotes history, ancestry, space, and time is very exciting to me.  I find this to be the most thrilling part of making paintings in this technologically advanced culture.

Resume / CV

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Elizabeth was born in Elizabethton, Tennessee. She has spent 15 years in Indiana and the mid-west exhibiting her work regionally and nationally and worked higher education as an instructor and administrator. She received her BA from Purdue University and MFA from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro as a Holderness Fellow. She currently lives and works in Houston, Texas where she continues to paint, exhibit her work, and teach.